Society Organization

We are a 501(C)(3) corporation filed with the Secretary of State in Sacramento, California. As such, we operate within the parameters of our By-Laws. We have a Board of Directors of both elected Officers and Directors, and appointed Directors who also have a vote on corporate decisions. As with any corporation, our Society has an Annual Election which we hold each May. After that election at the same meeting, we celebrate new Officers and Directors with a luncheon for all our members.

As you have perhaps seen elsewhere in the website, we meet once each month for either a regular general meeting, or the election and luncheon, or for our Christmas Lunch in December. Each regular general meeting begins with a business meeting to keep members informed of any changes made by the Board, or as an opportunity for any member to bring to the membership questions or concerns. We have a 10-15 minute refreshment break always filled with lots of chatter between our members. Then we sit down to enjoy hearing our speaker of the month. Our meetings begin at 2 pm and we’re nearly always adjourned by 3:30.

Guests are always welcome to attend, ask questions, or even come early to the meeting with Genealogy questions that may have them stymied. We have a marvelous mentor to help newcomers as well as seasoned researchers.