Officers & Directors

Elected Officers of the Board of Directors

  • President, Judi Lewis
  • Vice President, Sandy Turner
  • Recording Secretary, Pixie Bolles
  • Treasurer, Debi Bautista

Elected Directors of the Board of Directors

  • Newsletter Director, Pixie Boles
  • Education Director, Vacant
  • Library Director, Lori East
  • Registrar, Nancy Morton
  • Technology Director, Ann Knight
  • Ways & Means Director, Patti Williamson
  • Immediate Past President, Pat Perry

Appointed Non-Voting Members of the Board of Directors

  • Corresponding Secretary, Dee Baumann
  • Director-at-Large 1, Judy Coster
  • Director-at-Large 2, Michael Tuttle
  • Publicity Director, Cheryl Maddox
  • Hospitality Director, Brenda Hix
  • Parliamentarian, Cynthia Doyle
  • Research Trips Director, Kristine Childres

This membership list is intended solely for the use of Tuolumne County Genealogical Society members