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City of Sonora -
Family History Center -
Genealogy Forms - Vertical format Vertical Forms
Genealogy Forms - Horizonatl format Horizontal Forms
IOOF Cemetery, Sonora, CA -
Southern Tuolumne County Historical Society -
Tuolumne County Archives -
Tuolumne County Historical Society -
Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau -
Union Democrat - Current -
Union Democrat - Historical -
Instructions to access historical newspaper: Click on the "U" and find "The Union Democrat". Please note that this was a weekly newspaper for most of the time period you'll be researching. There may be more than one issue under a single date. There is also another little known paper with a couple of issues in 1855 and most beginning in the 1960s. To access this paper, click on the "D" and find the "The Daily Union Democrat."

Tuolumne County Genealogical Society has Church Records for the following denominations:

Catholic St. Anne's Church, Columbia
Catholic St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Sonora
Contact their office for your research.
Anglican St Michaels & All Angels, both Sonora
Episcopal St. James, Sonora
Lutheran St. Mathew's, (Mo Synod), Sonora
Presbyterian Church of the Forty-Niners, Columbia

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