Roster of Officers & Directors

Library Hours: Tues. & Thurs. 10 AM to 4:00 PM
Sat. 10 AM to 3:30 PM

Elected Officers and Voting Members of the Board of Directors

President, Pat Perry
Vice President, Phil Van Swoll
Recording Secretary, Pixie Bolles
Treasurer, Lori East

Elected Voting Members of the Board of Directors

Corresponding Secretary, Dee Baumann
Education Director, Marie Tiraschi
Registrar, Betty Sparagna & Kate Baum
Library Director, Lori East
Ways & Means, Sylvia Roberts & Theresa Dyer

Non-Elected Voting Members of the Board of Directors

Periodical Editor, Betty Sparagna
Newsletter Editor, Judy Herring
Past President, Susan Strope
Website Administrator, Lorna Wick

Appointed Committee Chairpersons

Liaison to TC Museum Bd of Governors, Lori East & Susan Strope
Library Asst. Directors, Betty Sparagna, Susan Strope, & Lin Gookin
Library Technician, Judy Herring
Program Committee, Phil Van Swoll
Publicity Committee, Cheryl Maddox
Library Committee, Pixie Bolles, Kathy Boone, Kristine Childres, Ellie Day,
Lin Gookin, Judy Herring, Brenda Hix, Cheryl Maddox, Pat Perry, Betty Sparagna, Susan Strope
Salt Lake Research Trip, Rolene Kiesling
Website Administrator, Lorna Wick
Writers & Publishers, Pat Perry & Marilyn Fullam
Computer & Technology, Judy Herring
Hospitality Chair, Kristine Childres, Brenda Hix
Society History Book, Anthea Neilson
Genealogy Help Program, Sunny Seidel

This membership list is intended solely for the use of Tuolumne County Genealogical Society members

TC Genealogical Library: 158 Bradford St., Sonora, California 95370 ~ 209.532.1317 ~ Email:

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