She Broke Down the Bricks

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. . . answers about the church and its rich history. We were fascinated by the Lobzenica history and could only image how my ancestors spend their daily routines. Our day ended with great satisfaction and contentment. Tired but ready altar of the Holy Trinity Church to go again the next morning with yet another researcher, Sebastian. My head is swimming. What a couple of days. I have heard so many Polish names and places it is absolutely exhilarating!

Today was another day of research. We met up with our researcher in Gniezno. He was a younger man than yesterday full of energy and humor. We drove out to meet him at the cathedral about 1 1/2 hours away from our hotel. It was a huge place that was decorated with magnificent statues, gigantic altars, higher than high decorated ceilings, and an amazing acoustic surrounding sound. The steps up to the church are three flights up and when you reach the top you can see the town of Gniezno. I could tell right from the beginning that we had a good researcher. He was prepared and took the time to talk and listen to my wishes for finding family members of the Czajkowski and Bibola families. He guided us to the archives. We actually joined the Gniezno archives too, costing a whole 15 Zlotes and our membership is good until 2018. My sister and I scrolled through computer pages of information and to our surprise found Adam Czajkowski baptism. She spotted his name and I spotted his parents’s name. We hit the jackpot even though it was only one record we were thrilled….

We are still overwhelmed that we were able to travel twice to Poland to find some of our family history. people crossing rr tracksBut more important, to see where my relatives lived, travel down some of the same paths they may have traveled, and to be able to sit in the town square and imagine what life was like so many years ago.

I guess my point is….don’t be held back if you don’t know the language-learn a few words, if you can’t travel-gather some books or relive memories through movies, do learn about the past and cherish today or tomorrow will be gone and not recorded.

I was introduced to Lukasz and Sebastian via email back in Salt Lake City on one of the annual geneology trips. Maria, one of the sisters who has a wealth of knowledge, did some research for me to make sure that my two researchers were legitimate. Those people at the temple are so helpful and have tons of resources that lead you to your findings. I am very excited to be attend the trip to Salt Lake again this year."

from Theresa Dyer's blog.

Here you can submit your treasures to share ~ be it a photograph or a short (very) story about your discoveries. Please identify your photos with interesting tidbits for our readers. Just copy and paste your image and text in an email to webmin@tcgen.org.

Here is our Sonora contingency in Salt Lake City. Theresa Dyer broke down some brick walls when she went to Salt Lake in April, 2017

May 8th

The Board Members for 2017, left to right are: Lorna, Pixie, Susan, Dee, Sylvia, Pat, Marcia, Phil, Lin, Betty, and Judi. Missing is Lori East.

The new officers/board members are: Lin Gookin, Registrar, Judi Lewis, Education, and Marcia VanSwoll, Newsletter..

Brenda: No, I haven't seen Noodles.
Pat: Well I know he came in here to get a drink,
but I have to watch him to be sure he doesn't drink too much!

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Great lunch on its way!

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Is it naptime now?

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Photographing our photographer!

The "Love Stories" from February's meeting
Pat presented "Noodles" and explained her lifetime affection for this well-loved teddy bear
Pixe's entry in the February "Love Stories" meeting.
Marie's beloved Buster was her offering for the "Love Stories" meeting.
President Pat Perry, Guest Speaker Kathryn Marshall, & Marie Tiraschi, Education Director A very earnest inquirer sharing with Lori Susan & Judi greet an attendee
President Pat Perry giving preliminary schedule for day while presenter Kathryn readies her notes. Rolene Kiesling signing in Lori holding down, or up? the TCGS booth at the Seminar

Did you miss our 2015 Workshop? You can see some of the pics below and read the review here.

President Susan Strope introducing featured speaker Steve Morse and his wife (in the audience). Participants enjoyed viewing and discussing the many displays around the room during breaks and lunch.
The Beginning Genealogy group was small but ever so earnest. The mentoring after the seminar produced great results! Meeting with another Gen. Society makes for interesting conversation.
President Susan Strope is introducing Lynne Storm who presented "Organizing your Stuff" on Sept. 14th at our monthly meeting. Lida Rodgers McAuley, submitted by Betty Sparagna
Gookin family outing, submitted by Lin Gookin Cattle driven through Groveland by John Gookin, Sr., submitted by Lin Gookin
fenced gravesite Marie T. submitted this picture of an old fenced gravesite. Location is Columbia Cemetery behind the Columbia Red School House.

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