Our Society endeavors to present educational programs and events which enhance success in the search for ancestors, and the skills for presenting that material. Towards that end, we present an annual workshop and/or seminar, scheduled speakers at our monthly meetings, and mentoring.


This year we are having two separate workshops. The first will be in May in two sessions on two consecutive Saturdays. This will be for beginners as well as intermediate genealogists with an emphasis on that elusive goal ~ organization! This Workshop will be held in the Conference Center at the County Library on Greenley. Click here for details.

Held annually at the Sonora Family History Center on Hillsdale Ave., our regular fall Workshop/Seminar will be Saturday, October 13, 2018. Stay tuned for more information. Watch this website for further information on the keynote speaker and program for this year.

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Monthly Programs

At our general monthly meeting after a brief business meeting, and some refreshments, we will have a speaker to present informative and entertaining topics. Some are stories of our members' ancestors, some are proficient in some field of interest to genealogy. All are of value to the attendees. Click here to see the program list for the coming year.


Two TCGS Volunteers will be available 30 minutes before every general meeting in the library foyer to help you get started with genealogy, to organize your research or to help overcome brick walls. If you are having difficulties, please come early and get some personal (1 on 1) help. If the Volunteer on duty cannot help you, he/she can direct you where to go for additional help. Members may also come to the Genealogy Library on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays for help.

Special Interest Groups:

IRISH RESEARCH GROUPleprechaun standing This group will meet every month at the County Library at 10:00 am. The purpose of this group is the advancement of their research in Irish Genealogy. Bring your laptops to review Irish research sites. Marilyn Fullam is the organizer and you can contact her for any questions at 588-9873.

THE WRITER'S GROUP - This group alternates meeting with the DNA/TECH group and meets on even months, except for December when we have our Society Christmas Brunch. This is a casual group, who have formed to inspire one another in writing their family history. The meeting is conducted in a round table format with each member giving a status of their work. Some members have written several family stories, while others are searching for the best way to do theirs. Suggestions are given on such items as format, content, style and various types of printing and publishing.

The best part of attending is learning about the many different and interesting stories our members have to tell about their family. There is a core group of members attending each meeting, although some people just come for one or two meetings looking for specific answers to their questions. Whether you want to come often or seldom, all are welcome. Since the meeting is at noon many people bring their lunch. Please feel free to join us.

THE DNA/TECH GROUP - This is a special interest group that meets every other odd month. The group morphed from computer tech to broaden their interest in DNA. The focus will be on DNA research methods while still being available for computer tech problems as they arise. We are currently studying Blaine Bettinger's book, "Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy", going through it chapter by chapter. This is an excellent book on DNA research and published by Family Tree. The book can be purchased from Amazon Smile (for credit to our TCGS account). Our goal is understanding and utilizing the information available with DNA testing. As with the Writer's Group, some people come regularly, and others on an occasional basis. All are welcome. Bring your lunch and plan to stay for the general monthly meeting which follows.

TC Genealogical Library: 158 Bradford St., Sonora, California 95370 ~ 209.532.1317 ~ Email: info@tcgen.org