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Monthly Meetings with Programs
Tuolumne County Library
480 Greenley Rd., Sonora
Second Monday each month at 2 pm

Exceptions: May ~ Annual Mtg
Dec ~ Christmas Brunch

Genealogy Library ~ (209) 532-1317 - Open Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays (except Mother's Day weekend)

News from The Tuolumne County Historical Society

 width= Word comes to us that the Historical Society, whose building we share, will be closed on Mondays. They are having a volunteer shortage for staffing. Let's count our blessings that we have so many dedicated volunteers to cover our staffing days!

On another Historical Society note, they are selling Commemorative bricks for the newly-remodeled Museum Courtyard and Garden. For further information, go to their website here.

• Annual Election •

May 8th

The Board Members for 2017, left to right are: Lorna, Pixie, Susan, Dee, Sylvia, Pat, Marcia, Phil, Lin, Betty, and Judi. Missing is Lori East.

The new officers/board members are: Lin Gookin, Registrar, Judi Lewis, Education, and Marcia VanSwoll, Newsletter..

Brenda: No, I haven't seen Noodles.
Pat: Well I know he came in here to get a drink,
but I have to watch him to be sure he doesn't drink too much!

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Great lunch on its way!

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Is it naptime now?

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Photographing our photographer!

The election and business portion was just a small part of the May 8th event. The best part was the socializing and the delicious Potluck Luncheon! As always, the meeting and luncheon was held at our usual meeting place.

WHAT date???

Check HERE

New Sourcing Pointers

Our Educational Director has provided some great information on "Sourcing" those long-sought out facts to support our genealogy. They are posted on our "Useful Links" page and can be downloaded.

What is "The Writer's Group?"

The Writers Group meets at noon on the even number months, except December, at the Tuolumne County library.

This is a casual group, who have formed to inspire one another in writing their family history. The meeting is conducted in a round table format with each member giving a status of their work. Some members have written several family stories, while others are searching for the best way to do theirs. Suggestions are given on such items as format, content, style and various types of printing and publishing.

The best part of coming is learning about the many different and interesting stories our members have to tell about their family.

There is a core group of members attending each meeting, although some people just come for one or two meetings looking for specific answers to their questions. Whether you want to come often or seldom, all are welcome. Since the meeting is at noon many people bring their lunch. Please feel free to join us.

Where we Are ~

(Click on state) map of california and tuolumne county

Our county, pronounced too AH loo me, is located on the Eastern side of the Great San Joaquin Valley, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. We are about an hour from Yosemite, which straddles our county and the one next to ours. Click on the state icon for a more detailed look at our county. Our Society is located in Sonora, the county seat.

This just in from Salt Lake City. . .

Here is our Sonora contingency in Salt Lake City.

She broke down some brick walls!

“Gold Diggers”

This membership newsletter is a goldmine of information. Some of our back issues are now posted online. The Gold Digger link is on the "Library" page Current issues will continue to be mailed and not posted until the end of the year.

We are a totally self-supporting Society, so if you find value in the material presented here and/or in our Society Library, gratuities are gratefully accepted.

Thank you!

Coming Soon ~

Unless otherwise noted all coming events are held at the Tuolumne County LIbrary on Greenley Rd., Sonora.

Monday, June 12th

Writer's Group

Bring your lunch and questions or writing to share/tear/discuss! Always a fascinating meeting.

The next meeting of the Writer's Group will be followed by our 2:00 pm General Meeting.

Monday, June 12th
2:00 pm

Monthly General Meeting

“Interpreting Your DNA Results”

presented by

Judy Herring & Phil Van Swoll

Members, see more here for details of presentation and volunteers.

Prior to our meeting at 1:30, two mentors will be available to members or guests who want help with their research. After a short business meeting, the featured speaker begins their presentation.

Guests and Visitors welcome!

Monday, June 19th ~ 9:30 am *

Board Meeting

at Papa's New Roost, Hwy 108

*Optional Breakfast at 8:45 am

All TCGS Members and visitors are welcome!

A schoolrooom at Columbia Elementary School.

TC Genealogical Library: 158 Bradford St., Sonora, California 95370 ~ 209.532.1317 ~ Email: