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Dec ~ Christmas Brunch

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All events meet at the Tuolumne County Library, 480 Greenley Rd., Sonora, except as noted.

Monday, April 9th:

10:00-11:30 am ~ Irish Research Group

12:00-1:30 pm ~ The Writer's Group

1:30-2:00 pm ~ Mentors available

2:00 pm ~ General Monthly Meeting
"The Way It Was-From Boom to Bust" by Susan Strope

Monday, April 16th

9:30 am * ~ Monthly Board Meeting

at Papa's New Roost, Hwy 108
*Optional Breakfast at 8:45 am. All TCGS Members and visitors are welcome!

Saturday, May 5th

9:30-4:00 pm ~ Workshop-Part 1 of 2

Intro to Beginning & Intermediate Genealogy

Saturday, May 12th

9:30-4:00 pm ~ Workshop-Part 2 of 2

Intro to Beginning & Intermediate Genealogy

Monday, May 14th:

12:00 pm ~ Annual Election & Potluck Lunch

2:00-4:00 pm ~ DNA/Tech Group Meeting

Once-a-year special time for the DNA group.

Thursday, June 7th

10:00-4:00pm ~ Sr. Expo, Tuol.Co. Fairgrounds

Come visit TCGS at the Expo!

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She Beat Down the Bricks!

In 2017 our Theresa Dyer journeyed with her sisters and father to their Motherland of Poland. Following is a blog that Theresa kindly shared with us.

"Again in September 2017 my two sisters, my father, and I visited Poland to continue the research. Here is an excerpt from the blog I wrote. …but first we stopped in Lobzenica at the church where some of the ancestors were baptized and some married. sign at entrance to Lobzinica

I have been waiting for this day . . .

. . . for awhile. When we arrived I was thrilled-my heart content even though we had just stopped for a few minutes. The bright full sun shone in the distance and the half moon glowed on the other side of the sky. A moment of beauty and satisfaction. We finally made it-one of the most important places of the trip! Tomorrow we meet up with Lukasz to do some research.

To say the least I am very excited to roam around and check out the land where it all started. cowsAlready we have driven through the countryside of narrow roads, saw decorated memorials of holy people on the roadside and even saw a family digging for potatoes. This place is beautiful and . . .

. . . reminds me of home . . .

. . . on the farm. Here the soil is being churned and ready for winter. The weather is very warm for this time of the year. Yesterday a woman told us that it is usually raining in September but warm in August. However, this year has been the opposite. Thank goodness someone is looking out for us.

We are traveling to Pila's archive to meet up with Lukasz. crossHe will escort us the town again of Lobzenica for a stroll around the small square and we look forward to speaking (via his translation) to some of the townspeople.

Oh my gosh, today was the day full of glory. In Pila we joined the archives as very exclusive members. Lukasz had requested books that were within our time period. Stacks and stacks filled the table nearby. As my sister and I scanned the pages, me eyeing the left side and her the right, we were disappointed and weary when we found nothing. Last stack was carried out to us, books overflowing the table. Lukasz helped us with a few but was eagerly looking for useful “family" material. theresa, sister, father It was the last book when we almost yelled out loud in this “no talking” room. There on the last page of the last book was the entry of our relative! Overjoyed and almost in tears we found a name I had been looking for in Salt Lake. My sister took the illegal pictures with her iPad as I quietly leaped up and down.


We toured the small square and the church again but this time with an explanation of its history from the parish priest. Lukasz asked our questions and translated the priest's . . . more

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