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Monthly Meetings with Programs
Tuolumne County Library
480 Greenley Rd., Sonora
Second Monday each month at 2 pm

Exceptions: May ~ Annual Mtg
Dec ~ Christmas Brunch

Genealogy Library ~ (209) 532-1317 - Open Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays (except Mother's Day weekend)

Yuuuummmmmmm! It's time!

Orders will be ready for pickup at the Library by November 21. Pickup days will be Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays until December 7th. Those not picked up by the 7th, will be brought to the Christmas Brunch on December 9th.



NO General Meeting Or Board Meeting In December

Saturday, December 9th

10:00 am ~ Annual Christmas Party santa

DEADLINE to submit your reservation and $20 is December 1st

Monday, January 8th

10:00-11:30 am ~ Irish Research Group leprechaun standing

Topic:"Favorite Irish Research Sites"

Bring your laptops to review Irish research sites.

Noon ~ The Writer's Group

See more info on this group in blurb to your right.

Feel free to bring your lunch.

Stay after for the monthly meeting beginning at 2:00 pm. All TCGS Members and visitors are welcome!

2:00 pm ~ General Monthly Meeting

Topic this month is "Family Treasures"

presented by TCGS Members

Prior to our meeting at 1:30, two mentors will be available to members or guests who want help with their research. After a short business meeting and refreshment break, the featured program will begin. For more details click here.. Guests and Visitors welcome!

Monday, January 15th


to order T shirts or sweatshirts. Click here for order blank and colors.

9:30 am * ~ Monthly Board Meeting

at Papa's New Roost, Hwy 108
*Optional Breakfast at 8:45 am

All TCGS Members and visitors are welcome!

New SIG* Information

Irish Research Group

It's official - We have a new Special Interest Group devoted to Irish research. This group will meet every month at the County Library at 10:00 am. The purpose of this group is the advancement of their research in Irish Genealogy. Marilyn Fullam is the organizer and you can contact her for any questions at 588-9873.

Computer Tech & DNA Group

On November 13, the former Computer Tech group met and approved the re-forming of the group to include DNA research and discussions. Initially we will have an emphasis on DNA, but are open to discussions and or presentations on Technical issues as they arise. It was agreed that they would each purchase an excellent book on DNA research by Blaine Bettinger titled "Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy" and published by Family Tree. They will be discussing the first Chapter at the January meeting. It was also suggested by our money lady that we use our Amazon Smile account for the purchase! Just checked online prices and they have a very good Kindle edition with large diagrams for $9.90 and the paperback for $20.36.

What is "The Writer's Group?"

The Writers Group meets at noon on the even number months, except December, at the Tuolumne County library.

This is a casual group, who have formed to inspire one another in writing their family history. The meeting is conducted in a round table format with each member giving a status of their work. Some members have written several family stories, while others are searching for the best way to do theirs. Suggestions are given on such items as format, content, style and various types of printing and publishing.

The best part of coming is learning about the many different and interesting stories our members have to tell about their family.

There is a core group of members attending each meeting, although some people just come for one or two meetings looking for specific answers to their questions. Whether you want to come often or seldom, all are welcome. Since the meeting is at noon many people bring their lunch. Please feel free to join us.

TC Genealogical Library: 158 Bradford St., Sonora, California 95370 ~ 209.532.1317 ~ Email: